Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning in DC, MD & VA

Every year, thousands of restaurants erupt in flames, causing millions of dollars in property damage, civilian injuries, and even some fatalities. Of those restaurant fires, more than half originated in the kitchen—which is why maintaining a grease-free and fire-safe kitchen exhaust system is important to protect restaurants from excessive fire damage!

Kitchen exhaust hood

Atlantic Duct Cleaning provides professional kitchen hood cleaning in accordance with IKECA (International Kitchen Cleaning Association), which is a highly-specialized removal process of built-up grease, debris, and contaminants that accumulate in, on, and around the components of a kitchen hood exhaust system.

To schedule you’re a cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system in Virginia, Maryland, or the Washington, DC area, contact Atlantic Duct Cleaning or call us at  (703) 774-9241!

Why Schedule Kitchen Hood Cleaning?

Restaurant fires are often associated with dirty kitchen hoods, which is why there are a number of reasons regular kitchen ventilation cleaning is crucial to providing a safe environment.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Clears Blockage

There’s more than smoke escaping into your kitchen hood—grease and particulate build-up are commonly found in the exhaust system too! Without a proper cleaning, your kitchen exhaust system is a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other types of bacteria—which shouldn’t be anywhere near food! Cleaning the blockage in your kitchen ventilation system helps reduce fire hazards and mechanical failures, saving you money in the long run.

It’s the Law

When told to clean your room as a child, you might have thrown the entire mess into your closet to get the job done faster—if it’s not visible, there’s no problem. Right? Wrong! If your restaurant is undergoing an inspection and the entire kitchen is thoroughly cleaned, but the exhaust system remains dirty, you might not pass!

A Clean Kitchen Hood Minimizes Health Hazards

Without kitchen hood cleaning, potentially dangerous particulates can escape into your restaurant’s air, lowering the air quality and potentially posing a health hazard to your customers and restaurant staff. Cleaning your kitchen exhaust system provides a safe and clean environment for employees and customers—allowing for improved health and increased productivity!

Get your kitchen back up to speed, obey the law, and diminish your health risks. Schedule a kitchen exhaust cleaning service with Atlantic Duct Cleaning today.

How Frequently Should Your Kitchen Hood Be Cleaned?

Regular and systematic maintenance in accordance with IKECA and NFPA-96 will enhance system efficiency and prolong equipment life cycles, as well as minimize operational interruptions and the associated lost revenues. The type or volume of cooking frequency is a determining factor in how often you should clean your kitchen exhaust system. Inspection frequency in Washington, DC and the surrounding areas, as described by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) guidelines, must be:

  • Monthly. Any systems serving solid fuel cooking operations must be cleaned every month.
  • Quarterly. Businesses operating on a 24-hour schedule that prepare high-volumes of food need to have their systems inspected and maintained at least once every three months.
  • Semi-Annually. Restaurants, usually with a sit-down environment, that prepare food at moderate levels need to have their systems checked twice per year.
  • Annually. Organizations that cook small volumes of food or are only in operation for a few months of the year, such as churches, day camps, seasonal businesses, or senior centers require an inspection once a year.

Annual kitchen exhaust maintenance agreements with quarterly cleanings are a savings driven solution available from Atlantic Duct Cleaning! If you’re ready to protect your employees, customers, and property from an unexpected fire, contact us today to schedule your professional kitchen exhaust cleaning.

Schedule Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning in VA, MD & DC

At the end of the day, the risks of not thoroughly cleaning your kitchen—without the help of a professional—are likely to outweigh any money saved. Once you’ve had your kitchen hood cleaned by a highly trained expert, like Atlantic Duct Cleaning, you’ll never make exhaust system cleaning a DIY project again! Whether your business could benefit from monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual kitchen hood cleaning, Atlantic Duct Cleaning is the company to call.

If you run a restaurant in Northern Virginia or the surrounding Washington, DC area, don’t wait until an unexpected fire erupts on your property before you decide you need kitchen hood cleaning. If you need to schedule a commercial kitchen hood cleaning, call us today at (703) 774-9241 or contact us online.