Aeroseal Duct Sealing System

AeroSeal is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved duct sealing system developed in part with funding from The Department of Energy. 

According to the EPA, 3 out of 4 homes that utilize a forced air, ducted air distribution system incur delivered air leakage at a rate between 25 % and 40 %.

Homes with excessive air duct leakage predictably experience high summer and winter utility bills, are difficult to heat and cool, and have rooms that lack ventilation and are stuffy. In addition, those same homes may be subject to the back drafting of outdoor odors and dangerous combustible gases.

AeroSeal customers celebrate in ‘doing their part’ in lowering energy consumption, reducing the fossil fuel and output burden for power plants while also enjoying increased comfort levels in rooms that were previously hard to heat and cool.

Current State, Local, and Federal tax incentives have the measurable return on investment for installing Aero Seal a sound decision. The additional 10 year warranty, certificate of completion, and 100 % guarantee make AeroSeal a great choice to make today.

 Aero Seal, EPA, DOE

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